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The advantages of using a Virtual Assistant are many.....and cost savings is a primary example.  The actual cost of hiring an employee can exceed 2x their salary when you include training, benefits, holidays, equipment and overhead.  By using a V.A. , you pay only for the time spent on the project.

Services are charged by the hour, with rates ranging from 10 and 20 per hour, depending on the complexity of the assignment, with a 1 hour minimum.  After the first hour, charges are made in 15 minute increments.  Other fees that may apply include but are not limited to:  copies, shipping, postage, long distance calls, materials, etc. 


Transcription rates in the UK are 0.85/recorded minute for 2 party recordings. More complex recordings may run slightly higher, depending on the individual requirements. Transcription results are dependant on good quality recordings. Rates for other countries, please ask for a quote.  For information and advice about recorded material, please see the AUKVA page at:

Time worked is accurately tracked so that clients may have a detailed invoice when billed.


Projects requiring a 24 hour turn around or weekend/holiday time may be charged an additional 25% fee.  Each situation will be discussed as it arises.


We offer a discount to clients who retain us on a monthly basis.  50% of this fee is due at the beginning of the month with the balance at the end of the month.   Unused hours  will be rolled over for one month.





Some projects will require a consultation.  The first 30 minutes of the consultation are free while additional time will be billed at 15/hour at 30 minute increments.


Spectrum Administrative & Creative Services will request  a signed work order prior to start-up of the project.

Clients will be invoiced, at cost, for non-standard items such as copies, shipping, postage, long distance-calls, materials, etc.

Payment is due within 14 days upon receipt of project unless a monthly retainer has been established.  50% of the monthly retainer is due at the first of the month and the balance at the end of the month.

We accept payment in  cash, check,  PAY PAL or money order.  Returned checks will be charged the current bank rate.


A 'Job Order' will be drawn up for each assignment and signed by the client before work begins.  If additional work is added, we reserve the right to amend the original quote and present the updated order for signature.

Expected turn around time will be discussed and agreed upon at the onset of the project.

All original documents, disks and CD's will be returned to the client upon completion of the assignment, if requested.

Your project will be saved to disk and retained for a period of 30 days to allow for additional editing.  Should you prefer otherwise, please let us know.

In the event a project is cancelled, we reserve the right to charge for time spent on the terminated assignment.

Final proofreading of all completed work is the responsibility of the client.  Providing we have been notified within 48 hours ,should errors be found, they will be rectified free of charge.  All changes made by the client after submission of work that does not involve corrections will be subject to normal rates.

All courier charges, postage, telephone calls and non-standard materials will be charged for at cost.  Basic stationery items are included in quoted rates for word processing.  Mail shots will be quoted on a per project basis.

All incoming emails, files and disks are scanned automatically for viruses upon receipt; however, even after scanning, we will not open any attachments or emails not previously discussed.  All outgoing emails are scanned automatically.


Assignments completed by SPECTRUM ADMINISTRATIVE& CREATIVE SERVICES are considered confidential and therefore no details will be revealed to any third party unless required by law.   Our confidentiality is guaranteed but we are also agreeable in signing a form supplied by the client or provided, at no cost, by us.


Safeguard and protect the business scope of clients at all times, avoiding conflicts of interest.

Refrain from using clients for personal or business gains.

Offer services in which we are experienced and competent & representing our capabilities and services truthfully.

Accept responsibility for the work we perform.